While we are waiting

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Do you ever pray for the Lord’s return? Do you long for His coming?

I must confess, I generally entertain the ridiculous notion that I have too much to get done first–that the Lord’s return anytime soon would prevent me from accomplishing something important. The second coming of Jesus just wouldn’t fit into my plans for this week or even next.

This is clearly absurd, but I’m afraid it reveals just how self-centered I am. In addition, it may also reveal that I have not fully embraced the Lord’s first coming. The idea that Jesus cannot come back yet because I haven’t achieved enough with my life indicates that I am still trying to win the Father’s approval–something Jesus already did for me when He came the first time!

I discovered a new Advent hymn in our 2017 hymnal. It is a relatively new hymn, written by Claire Cloninger in 1986. The first of three short verses reads simply:

    While we are waiting, come;
    While we are waiting, come;
    Jesus, our Lord, Emmanuel,
    While we are waiting, come.

Perhaps, singing (and praying) these few words this season will remind me that Jesus my Emmanuel (God with us) has already come to accomplish everything I will ever need to be approved as a child of God, and that His coming again is something to be longed for as my greatest joy.

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

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