Faceless Foes

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On Sunday, our Epistle reading will be the fairly well-known text from Ephesians 6, entitled: “The Armor of God.” It has always been a favorite passage. I suppose, even as a boy, I was intrigued … Read More

Of priests and neighbors (part 2)

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We have considered the priestly function of the church—bringing our neighbors and their needs to God and bringing God and His blessings to our neighbors. The priestly function is a mediatorial role of standing in … Read More

Embracing Baustellen

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Berlin seems to be in a perpetual state of construction. For those of you who live here, the term “Baustelle” is quite familiar. The word translates “construction site” in English, and there are thousands of … Read More

Ascension Joy

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Tomorrow (which is forty days after Easter) we celebrate Ascension Day (Himmelfahrt). On the fortieth day after His Resurrection, while speaking to the disciples about the kingdom of God, Jesus ascended and was hidden from … Read More