when God seems far

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I am often inclined to ask why my relationship with God is not what it ought to be or even what it used to be. Emmanuel seems to be anywhere but “with me” some days. Why does God often seem so distant? Perhaps, you can relate.

But the truth is the Lord is not the one who has deserted.

There is the story of an old farmer driving along a country road with his wife seated in the seat next to him. A car passed them coming in the opposite direction with a young couple sitting very close, the young women’s head on the shoulder of her beau, who was driving. (This was obviously in the days when cars still had bench seats in the front!) In any case, the farmer’s wife asked her husband wistfully, “Why don’t we sit like that anymore?”

The old man was silent for awhile, and then he said, “Well . . . I ain’t moved nowhere.”

When God seems far away, it is almost certain the distance is our own doing, that we have allowed other things to come between, to consume our time, to fill our vision. Life is full of distractions and challenges and even crises that demand our energies, and we too easily drift away from the One who alone is our source of strength and joy and peace.

It is true that God sometimes hides Himself, but if He hides Himself, perhaps it is so that you and I will stop taking Him for granted or so that we will learn to pursue and seek Him with genuine desire, that He will again be our first Love.

This Advent season, let us take time to rekindle our relationship with Jesus. Let us make the effort to discover anew the joy of His presence, of His touch, of His voice. It is certain the One, who loved us enough to exchange heaven’s glory for earth’s sorrows to be with us forever, is still there, waiting patiently for us to slide back across the seat.

Hope to see you on Sunday!
The Lord be with you.

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